The P-STIM is an FDA approved, Medicare approved miniaturized device designed to administer auriculo point stimulation treatment over several days. The advantage of using the ear for such treatment is that it offers numerous points for stimulation within a small area. Stimulation is performed by electrical pulses emitted through selectively positioned needles.

Point stimulation by the P-STIM is mainly used to treat pain. Use of the device is recommended for pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative pain therapy as well as for the treatment of chronic pain, neuropathy, depression and many other conditions.

P-STIM performs continuous point stimulation over a period of several days and offers the patient a high degree of comfort and mobility. An advantage over drug therapy is that the patient no longer suffers any of the possible side-effects of pain-killers such as impaired reactions. In other words, the patient can continue to lead his life as usual, without loss of quality.

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