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If you live in Goodyear and suffer from chronic and acute pain, it may be time to head to our pain clinic for the best in interventional pain management!

Our clinic follows a multi-modal approach to pain management by utilizing every available treatment option from medication to the latest procedures and interventions. Our Fellowship-Trained Interventional Pain Physicians will find the underlying cause of your chronic pain and create an effective treatment plan based on your individual needs. Learn more and visit us today!

Our Philosophy Towards Pain Management for our Patients

We understand that toll chronic pain can take on a person. Instead of only offering a generic, semi-effective treatment, we will go deeper to first determine a proper diagnosis for your pain. Only once we understand the actual pain generator can we bring in evidence-based treatments suited to very specific chronic pain conditions. This philosophy is what sets us apart from other pain clinics and provides so much relief to our patients!

Underlying Conditions Treated at Our Goodyear Pain Management Center

Once the providers at AZ Pain Doctors determine the right diagnosis, they will work with you to create a customized treatment plan based on the best practices available in pain management. In order to quickly and effectively reduce your pain, the treatment plan must include a number of modalities to properly deal with the underlying condition.

We treat an extensive amount of conditions, and a few of the more common ones our patients face include:

Quality Pain Management Treatments

Our multidisciplinary approach to treating and managing pain may include a combination of physical therapy, chiropractic care, medication management, and interventional pain management procedures. Using these modalities in tandem greatly optimizes the chances of seeing successful pain reduction in the lives of our patients in Goodyear.

Many times, our patients seek our help for general low back pain and neck pain. These are some of the most common reasons for doctor visits and missed time at work. Comprehensive treatment options we provide for cervical back pain, lumbar back pain, and thoracic back pain include:

  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  • Cortisone Shots
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Spinal Fusion

Chiropractic Care for Pain Management at Our Clinic

Oftentimes we will recommend chiropractic care to manage low back pain, general back pain, and neck pain. Our skilled chiropractors can provide a multifaceted approach to pain treatment that is non-invasive and brings lasting results. They will work closely with you to design a chiropractic care plan that might any or all of the following complementary care modalities:

  • Manipulation – the chiropractor will perform manipulation to relax the joints and stretch tight muscles. This can restore normal function to your body, effectively reducing the pain caused by tension headaches and other chronic pain conditions.
  • Mobilization – This technique can help relieve pain and return full range of motion to the arms, legs, shoulders, and spinal joints. Mobilization works by stretching soft tissues by moving joints through their full range of motion.
  • Bracing – Our clinic provides a bracing program that offers custom fitted lumbar, knee, and wrist braces to promote healing and reduce pain through daily support to the area of injury or chronic pain condition.
  • Spinal Decompression – These treatments work by stretching the muscles near the spine, effectively relieving pressure on the joints and the discs of the spine. Our chiropractors are able to offer spinal decompression treatments to stretch the muscles near the spine and relieve pressure on the joints and the discs of the spine. This is a non-invasive and effective chiropractic care option!

Visit our Goodyear pain clinic today for the best in pain management!

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